hyperbaric therapy in the real world…

I have talked with several people who have had Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), or know of others who have had this type of therapy. This type of therapy  has been known to show promising results in the treatment of autism.  HBOT involves the breathing of pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber – pressurized above one atmosphere absolute (ATA).  Originally utilized to treat a life-threatening condition known as the ‘bends’, in divers, its therapeutic use has expanded to include carbon monoxide poisoning, gangrene, osteomyelitis, and, more recently, autism. It was also recommended for my late brother-in-law, Larry, but the doctors “poo-pood” it claiming that it wouldn’t have helped him.  I tend to disagree with the doctors, and wish we had tried it on him.

It is medical fact that HBOT enhances blood flow to the brain, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and mobilizes stem cells from the bone marrow.  Deficits in all of these have been implicated in the development of autism.

Have any of my readers tried hyperbaric therapy with their children or know of others who have? I would be very interested in getting your feedback about how this has worked for people in your life. So, the symptom improvements you would look for would be better appetite, language, eye contact, better intestinal health, and so on.

Let me know out there what you all are thinking!

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