I gave a rose to a guy!

Okay, he was a blind guy about 60 that came into my sons Jazz Club, “Rusty Reeds” tonight.  It was Valentines Day but most importantly, the rose which was given to me by the bartender needed a better home since I probably would’ve taken it home and let it wilt.  You see, this man we struck up a conversation with was without a home, actually.  As I put my fear aside and delved into what brought him to this stage in his life I learned a great deal.

We all get stuck in our lives for whatever reason.  His was because even though he used to manage 350 people in the Oilfields of Northwest Territories Canada and he lost all hope when his wife and children were killed in a tragic car accident.  I can’t even imagine how that would affect my life.  He couldn’t talk about it even after 30 years.  Now he lives in a graveyard sleeping on a total of 2 matts, 2 sleeping bags to keep warm surrounded by a cardboard box with two candles on either side.  After buying him a beer I thought it would be nice for him to have a flower to put in his little mini tent.  We talked about how we all become used to what we grow up with which was why he was more comfortable sleeping in colder environments.  Since I grew up in Florida the idea of sleeping outside when its 40 below zero isn’t remotely imaginable!

We can all find circumstances around us that are both better and certainly ones that are worse than we have.  I find it good to keep perspective in all that I do so I can appreciate all that I have and also not to be envious of those who have more.  It helps me with my special needs kids and every aspect of my life.  I hope you do the same.  Happy Valentines Day!  Enjoy the roses in your life!

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Erin Shmalo

7 years ago

What a beautiful story! I couldn’t agree more–sometimes we are faced with the most difficult circumstances and our attitudes and perspective can either make those circumstances opportunities or moments of despair. A fantastic message for Valentine’s Day!

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