Discover Everything You Need to Know About Inclusive Programming for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders! Uncover the Pitfalls, Challenges and Path to Success.

Inclusive Programming for Students with Autism & Asperger’s Workshop – 4 DVD Set!


Here’s a Brief Overview:

• Quality indicators
• Assessing the student, class, teacher
• Data collection, collaboration
• Positive behavior programs
• Motivational assessment
• Individual behavior plans
• Strategies for embedding social skills
• Social skills assessment & curricula
• Elementary, middle, high school!
• Strategies for modifying academics
• Strategies for transition issues
• Encountering and eliminating bullying
…and much more!


This special 4 DVD presentation presented by Sheila Wagner, M.Ed. will examine the process of behavior analysis for teachers that have students with autism spectrum in general education classes. This setting poses challenges that must be considered in light of this disability, zero tolerance and student needs. Too often, inconsistent behavior plans leave students and teachers confused as to why behaviors return. This lecture will identify the key components for analyzing the inappropriate behaviors and identify ways to improve student performance, increasing the likelihood for inclusion.


DVD1: Quality Indicators for Inclusion Programs [39.95]
DVD2: Positive Behavior Programs for Inclusion Programs [39.95]
DVD3: Inclusion Strategies for Embedding Social Skills [39.95]
DVD4: Teaching Strategies for Inclusion Strategies [39.95]
PLUS Digital Handouts

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