We had a great turnout at the conference in Calgary, in spite of the sub-Arctic temperatures. The energy at MacEwan hall was beyond splendid! Drs Temple Grandin, Doreen Granpeesheh, Stephen Shore, and David Kirby shared their amazing and knowledgeable insights on autism.

They are all truly fascinating to listen to. These highly educated and knowledgeable speakers are enlightening and inspiring. But most importantly, there would not have been a conference without YOU!

The presence of all of you that joined us was not only much necessary, but made the event just that much more fruitful, exciting and meaningful.
We really appreciate all of you that had such interesting and valuable questions to share with the group.

This conference is for you – and about you! It is about how we can help make a positive difference in your lives and the lives of your children and the people you care for. It is also for and about those of you who attended who are ON the autism spectrum. We really value your presence in a very special way. What makes your presence so special is the fact that YOU are there to learn how to advocate for yourselves – in person! You are there as representatives of those on the spectrum, and I am so glad to have the privilege to have met you.

We all say “Thank you Calgary and surrounding areas, Edmonton, Saskatchewan for helping to create a memorable event that we will never forget”