Kids with Autism have Feelings Too! Don’t Bully Them

Sometimes, children with autism get upset easily because and act out in frustration of not knowing what else to do. On the outside, they appear to us to be  out of control. Sometimes it’s hard for others to understand what’s going on. When children with autism get teased it can be very frustrating, as they usually don’t  know how to express themselves or what to do when they are bullied. Deep down inside, these kids are genuine, and feel the effects of bullying.
Jonny was being bullied by the other kids on the bus one day, and just didn’t know how to handle it. He was really frustrated, so he cut the seat in the bus. Well, he was told to write an apology letter to the bus driver for cutting the seat. In this letter, Jonny’s sincerity and sensitivity really shines through

Dear Pat,

I am sorry for the seat, but I got angry because of Nicholas, because he’s annoying me sometimes (99.9% of the time he is) and he’s on the first bus I get on to go to school. He throws leftover chocolate Jello pudding (in a container with holes on the lid) at me when he’s getting off, and it gets my clothes dirty (mom doesn’t want me to wear dirty clothing). While he’s on, he and his friend gang up on me (and, occasionally, tell other big kids to do it), and they occasionally move from seat to seat to get at me! They move ahead, one pair of seats at a time, bonk me on the head, and rush back to their seat. Fortunately, his buddy had to move to the front seat. And sometimes, still in their seats, they throw assorted junk at me (jello Pudding, paper balls, etc.) sometimes they miss.

He sometimes says I live in a garbage dump, a cardboard box, and on certain times he calls me “gaylord,” gay not meaning happy. Matt told me to say, “Gee, thanks, I’ll remember that!” when Nicholas says I am a gaylord. He sometimes swears. The one kid I saw and liked in his family was Nicholas’s kid brother! Since I can only sit in the 4th seat or farther up, I’m a supreme target. Fortunately, they have never stolen my lunch yet.

The reason I made those holes was because I needed to do something to release my tension. My aide and I talked about what I could do instead of damaging other people’s stuff.


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