Lori Lite Focuses on Self Esteem and Stress Reducing for Kids!

January 5, 2010 Atlanta, GA. Children’s author and entrepreneur Lori Lite returns to the ABC’s “Shark Tank” reality series Friday, Jan. 8, marking her first appearance on the show since August 2009. “Shark” real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran offered a sharing interest in Lite’s up-and-coming company Stress Free Kids. This remarkable series of books and are all about helping to reduce children’s stress and anxiety.
Stress Free Kids and Autism Today help those with Autism and Asperger Spectrum Disorder become active participants in managing their own stress, anxiety and anger. Karen Simmons, CEO, Founder of Autism Today is a leader in providing the most efficient and effective information available to help families and professionals living with Autism.
Since that recent Shark Tank episode, Borders stores is now carrying  Lite’s books nationwide, including such titles as “Angry Octopus”, a stress-management book and “Affirmation Weaver”, a self esteem-building book.
“Borders is the first retail chain to give me nationwide placement in their stores. I love that Borders believes in me and my books, which truly do help children live stress-free lives”, Lori says.
A relaxed crowd of children expressed positive affirmations, as Lite read to them from “Affirmation Weaver”, at a recent Borders event in Long Beach, California. “It was thrilling to see a large group of children repeating positive statements,” says Lite.
Borders features this special series from Stress Free Kids http://autismtoday.com/indigooceandreams.html.
For more information visit your favorite Borders locations featuring Stress Free Kids. To arrange an interview with Lori Lite, please contact Rick Lite at (800) 841-4204.
About Autism Today:
Autism Today is dedicated to helping those on the autism spectrum realize their goals and dreams while supporting parents and professionals in the process. Karen Simmons feels that, “helping and supporting parents, professionals and their children to manage stress is one of the best sway we can empower individuals on the autism spectrum to achieve their personal best.”
Karen’s ambition is to eliminate obstacles while enhancing strengths that can be present when dealing with special needs issues by providing the most efficient and effective information access tool available today.  Her vision is to shine light on special needs by empowering individuals on the spectrum to become their personal best. Autism Today’s renowned conference series returns this Spring with the Edmonton Autism Biomedical Conference, join us for three days of education, networking and excitement – www.autismbiomedical.com
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