Dinner time is not always as enjoyable as it could be.

When the occasional dinner guest has a few food restrictions you make due.  When your own family demands only a select handful of food is acceptable there is bound to be friction.

Managing to get all six kids together for dinner is socially fun and worth it even with the limited personal diet of Jonathan and Alex. We always made exceptions for them during the early years.

With Jonathan in particular, you could count on one hand how many things he would eat:

– Chicken fingers
– French-fries
– Broccoli
– Ham and pineapple stuffed crust pizza

Beyond specific foods, Jonathan only eats what he wants to eat…when he wants to.

Alex would eat pretty much anything.  However, he would do so in one sitting, going without for the other meals.

Yes, we have tried to get Jonathan on the “fruits and vegetables” train. Having learned that “going to war” over food is just not worth it we backed off. Broccoli happened to be a pleasant exception of Jonathan.

Vitamins are key.

We make sure Jonathan and Alex get their nutrition one way or the other.

They will be fine.

What finicky food issues have you had to deal with?

How do you make sure dinner time is a good time?

Please share your story with me, leave your comment below.

I look forward to hearing how you make dinner time family time.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of AutismToday.com

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