Relationships are Everything!

As a mom, wife daughter, sister, friend, aunt and colleague, I know that relationships are everything! Relationships are built upon communication, which is also one of the largest deficits that those with autism and special needs children face. Whether they are able to talk or not, they are still able to communicate. Yet they need us, as caregivers, instructors, parents, siblings and peers, to help them bridge the relationship between them and the world. Through the power of effective communication mixed with empathy and understanding, we can facilitate and enhance the quality of these relationships. Here is an endearing story of a librarian and my son Jonny, and how a relationship was strengthened one day in our community.

To paint a picture for you, my son Jonny was in the 4th grade when his class took a field trip to the library to hear a famous author, Andrea Spaulding talk to the class. She had all the kids sit on the floor while she read them tales from her latest book. When she was done it was time for questions and answers. The kids eagerly popped their excited hands up into the air to ask questions. After about three questions, there was Jonny’s hand frantically waving. I cringed, what could he possibly want to ask.

To be continued…

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