Respected Autism Nutrition Specialist- Julie Matthews, Feb, 2, 2011

Speaker Profile: Julie Matthews, Founder & President, Nourishing Hope,
Julie Matthews is an internationally respected autism nutrition specialist, and author of “Nourishing Hope for Autism,” an award-winning parent and clinicians’ guide to the fundamentals of autism nutrition, diet implementation and supplementation.

She has helped thousands of children worldwide through her public education programs, conferences sessions, private consultations, her blog, web site and Facebook group. Julie is on the nutrition faculty at DAN!, serves on the scientific advisory panel of The Autism File, and is an honored member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Julie is also the founder of Cooking to Heal™, an autism education and cooking class program that provides public education in cities across the country as well as in-home resources for parents who cannot attend events and would like support as they are implementing diet from home.

“My passion stems from the significant improvements seen when children change their diet. At Nourishing Hope, you will find food and supplement guidance, methods for cleaning up your home and avoiding toxins and, to give everyone the best chance at a healthy life, support for pregnant moms and babies too!  Easterners note: Catch Julie in Montreal on Friday, March 25, at Autisme Montreal’s Annual Medical Conference; for details, see

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