Selfless Action Cuts Through the Maze of Many Mutations of Disability

There are many branches or disciplines involving the developmentally disabled that can be challenging to confront.

Many times, a “roadmap” is needed to know which way to go and what to do at the crossroads in order to minimize frustration.

That is why sharing my journey with you by introducing real life experiences with enable you to best make sense of it all.

Areas most critical to effectively dealing with the developmentally disabled and autistic individuals are:


Recognizing the disability is half the battle. Doing something about it is imperative.

Action is the keystone.

There is bound to be embarrassing moments within the family.

The proverbial “bowl full of cherries” is not always there.

And, if people can’t get their point across (Communication Issues) then it really upsets the apple cart. Find out how, with two special needs children, I coped with the inevitable “traffic jam” of unmet expectation during communication.

Being labeled disabled is not where the “blame” begins or ends. I’ve learned to look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes I didn’t like what I saw. Humble pie is hard enough being served much less “eaten.”

“Attitudinal Healing” was not just for “them”, it included me too.

How have you dealt with the spectrum of issues confronting a loved one stricken with a disability?

What discipline of caring for the disabled has stymied or worked for you best?

Tell me your story…what you did and what results you obtained?  Leave your comment below.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of


P.S. Act now to get recommend tips, strategies, and tools to help you cope with developmental disabilities.

Download this video presentation about developmental disabilities:



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