Sharing is Caring…Building Resources and Experiences of Autism

As a Mother, you want the best for your family.

That being the case, back in the 1990’s, my search intensified for any help or information that would further my role as parent.

I was compelled by the fact that our family had two special needs children.

Knowing that my love and dedication to the cause was burning with desire I set forth to make a difference in a sincere yet bold way.

Autism and other developmental disorders were acknowledged but not intimately understood over 15 years ago when I wrote my first book, Little Rainman: Autism–Through the Eyes of a Child.

Pushing forward with, and other collaborations, has been wildly successful and helped thousands of other special needs individuals and their care givers to tremendously improve their quality of life.

It’s important for me to say that many strategies and perspectives can work.  Although there are no cure-alls or silver bullets, you must continue striving to discover any avenues that gel best with your situation.

As expected, there is a lot of information on the internet so please heed this word of wisdom: Be sure you are seeking reliable sources. Having worked with many caring professionals over the last decade and a half, I can also say that a few were less than adept in niche areas of developmental disabilities such as autism.   Sharing is caring.

From the bottom of my heart I cherish my role as special needs parent, teacher and entrepreneur as well as the myriad of experiences I have had not only with my family but with those that have fulfilling lives due to the resources I’ve developed.

My hope is that you may learn from the challenges, trials and tribulations in a positive manner.

Allow yourself to learn from my mistakes…and priceless successes.

Let me know what can be done to assist your particular situation.

What would best help you move forward?

Tell me what obstacles you confronted and attempted to overcome.

You took the first step reading this far, now share your story by leaving a comment below.

Hearing from you keeps me energized and happy to further my work with the disabled.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of


P.S. Here is something I would like to recommend that will give you the tips,  strategies, and tools you need to help understand special needs issue.

To download a video presentation that will help you understand special needs issues, click here:

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