Has anyone ever snapped their fingers, yelled at you or otherwise had to get your attention in a blatantly conspicuous manner?

Were you surprised at their frustration when you finally “came to”?

Most likely, you were jolted back to reality as a result of their desperate attempt to get your undivided attention.

You most likely yelled out “What is all the fuss about, I didn’t even hear you!”

Sound familiar?

It’s a classic case of gazing off into “space”…commonly known as daydreaming.

Now, try to imagine your initial amusement turns to urgent concern when, try as you might, nothing you do gets the attention of your child.  Their eyes are open, yet they don’t respond.

A Mother’s nightmare come true…a terrifying experience to say the least.

Here is my “seizure” story:

One day my girlfriend and I took our kids to West Edmonton Mall water park to go swimming.

Alex, my youngest (6 months old at that time), was in his little seat and Nancy (my girlfriend) noticed that he was staring at the lights in the mall.  We tried to distract him by waving our hands in front of his face but he continued to gaze into space as if we weren’t even there.

We determined he must be having some sort of seizure.

We rushed him to the hospital.

Having never actually witnessed anyone having a seizure, Alex’s event manifested itself opposite of what we’ve seen on TV or in movies. He was not shaking at all or otherwise displaying any outward signs…besides the blank stare.

It was later determined that Alex’s seizure was caused by his high temperature. Another seizure occurred about a year later. No others have been detected…at least that we could see.

Unbelievable as it seems, people have mild seizures that are not even detectable.

Have you ever experienced a seizure or witnessed one occurring to someone else?

How did you first become aware of the symptoms?

What was your first reaction?

What did you do to aid the situation?

Given each seizure can be unique, please share your story by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for participating!

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of AutismToday.com


P.S. Seizures can be scary for the uninitiated. There are more tips, strategies, and tools to help you understand the nature of “silent” seizures.

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