Sister-in-law’s Opinion Saves Window of Time for Autistic Child

EIP (Early Intervention Program) was a Godsend for Jonathan.

Since I was still not absolutely convinced with the second opinion, I sought a third which had the same results.

That second opinion came about from another doctor’s hour long observation of Jonathan and was the first I heard of EIP.  Though still in denial, I was finally becoming one of the converted. I had decided to take my sister in-law’s advice by bringing Jonathan to a doctor mentioned on a radio talk show.

Two months later Jonathan was in an EIP.

It was the original opinion of the first specialist that Jonathan had autistic characteristics. They told me to bring him back in a year. Sister in-law Anna nearly went through the roof upon being informed of that advice.

Anna said: “You can’t wait a year, it could ruin his entire life.”

Early diagnosis of any issues could change Jonathan’s life forever. The best opportunity for intensive therapy is during the most important “window of time” for development…the first four years.

Anna’s continued pleading with me to have Jonathan checked out by a specialist and said that it wouldn’t hurt him, even if he didn’t have autism.

At the time, Jonathan was literally fixated on Duke Nukem and Archie, and Pokemon. He also went through loving, then hating Barney and so forth. Although this was one of many clues to autism, I decided to prove Anna wrong and brought Jonathan, kicking and screaming, across a busy street to the specialist I found.

Anna was right.

Thank God I was able to get out of my own way, for Jonathan’s sake.

Your pride and denial can get in the way.  What delays have you encountered by being stubborn?

Is “humble pie” on your menu?  What are you doing to “Get out of your own way” to help others?

Your story is important to me. Please leave your comments below.

Stay strong. I look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of


P.S. Here are some recommendations that will give you tips and strategies to help you to take action with your special needs loved one.

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