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All My Readers,

As a Chicken Soup co-author I’m always looking for your stories to share with everyone else.  Not too long ago I did a “call out” to my members asking for heartwarming stories and was overwhelmed with over 2500 submissions.  I know you will enjoy hearing from others so I am going to be sharing them with you on a weekly basis.  Here is the first one from Kristie Tait!


I remember the first time Logan was really sick. He was nearly 6 weeks old and was so congested it was restricting his breathing. I took him to the doctor’s office and we were sent immediately to Regina where he was admitted with life threatening illnesses. I was very thankful for my dear friend Tina who slept on a cold hard hospital floor and stayed right by my side as I prayed for my baby to make it through. (I was told by the nurses he may not make it through the night if things didn’t improve). Logan started to improve and within a few days we were on our way home where we were to be followed up closely by our family doctor. It turns out that Logan had Influenza A and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) what a nasty little virus that was!  In fact, it is often fatal in infants.  Logan was definitely on the mend but as I read his medical records I learned that it can take several months for it to completely run its course. We had no idea at the time what we were in for.

I remember the day I took Logan for his immunizations…I was very concerned that maybe he wasn’t quite over his RSV and wasn’t sure it was a good idea for him to get his shots until I knew he was over that and his weakened immune system had a chance to heal itself. The health nurses were not concerned at all and convinced me that it was fine and that I had nothing to worry about and that his immunizations were completely safe. NOTHING could have been further from the truth.

He had a low grade fever but other than that seemed ok, he would sit for hours in his swing and stare into space, and he became less and less interested in human contact and never cried. Logan also started doing this strange hand flapping thing that we thought was so cute at the time. We would say he was riding his dirt bike like papa and would laugh while he did this. But the worst part of it was…Logan was sick ALL of the time. He had respiratory illness after respiratory illness after respiratory illness. We were hospitalized on a regular basis and sent by ambulance to Regina on several occasions. I tried to go back to work after my year of maternity leave was up, but due to his health conditions (and the fact that the only licensed day home in our area had a cat) I had to have someone come into my home to babysit Logan. I was very lucky to have a good friend do this for me…but it didn’t take long before I could not afford what it was costing. Logan continued to be sick so I had to take an extended leave of absence from work to take care of him. We went to see some specialists in the city and ended up with a diagnosis of asthma (which I didn’t agree with at all.) We figured out that cats were not contributing to his respiratory illnesses because my mom had a cat and he was never sick from being over there so I decided to put him in the day home and attempt to go back to work. Things were going fairly well except that he was still getting respiratory illnesses a lot…croup…bronchitis etc.  Then one day his child care provider told me she was quite concerned about his speech, she felt he was considerably delayed and suggested I looked into things. I took him to the doctors and got him to a speech and language pathologist as soon as possible. We were told everything was fine, he was just a little slower to talk and that he would catch up.

By this time Logan was almost 3 and barely talked at all. His behaviours were odd and he had tantrums every day.  He would not go to bed, he would not respond to his name when we called him, he was obsessed with licking things and lined his toys up on the floor. He was obsessed with door knobs and hinges, was overly hyper and had no fear of things he should have been afraid of. He was clumsy and would often run into things and injure himself – going to the doctor’s office became a weekly occurrence for us. I found it strange there were never any concerns that something was seriously wrong. Whenever I expressed concerns I was told I was over reacting, offered parenting advice and sent on my way home. My son was clearly showing signs that something was wrong. Life was nothing but stress…illness after illness for Logan he was nothing short of nearly impossible to deal with and to top it off I was a single mom and my older son had just lost his father.

Logan continued to be sick. He had croup every winter, broke out in shingles at age 5 and was given a full time E.A. at school to help deal with the behaviours. The school Logan goes to made sure he was seen by psychologists and assessed PROPERLY! (Logan’s school has been amazing!) My Logan started getting the help and support he needed. I started being very pushy with doctors to get to the bottom of what was going on and I started researching day and night. The words AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER filled my computer screen time and time again and I knew without a doubt that was what was going on with my son. It was both a relief to finally have an answer and heartbreaking at the same time. Now came the hard part… finding the right doctor (not as easy as it sounds.) My opinion of the medical community is not exactly warm and fuzzy after all we have been through. But I was determined to get on the right path. I realized that all the hard work and research would be on my shoulders so I started staying up all night reading, ordering books, looking into natural treatments etc. I started researching day and night about what I could do. I pushed my doctor and got in his face to get tests done.  We discovered Logan had an immunoglobulin A deficiency, a lack (more like non-existence) of “good bacteria” found in his G.I. tract. Logan (after his H1N1 vaccine) developed food intolerances and sensitivities,   lost a frightening amount of weight and suffered several horrifying side effects that put his health in serious jeopardy. Our family doctor wanted to hear nothing of the H1N1 vaccine side effects and ignored us, changed the subject and eventually told us we needed to find a new family doctor. The devastating fact was that we live in a smaller city where there are NO doctors taking new patients, actually there is a severe doctor shortage

Well, I was not about to throw my hands up in the air and do nothing…my little boy deserved way better than that! I decided to take matters into my own hands and started learning and doing everything I could. Every day I am amazed at the results I am seeing….simply amazed! The first thing I did was eliminate wheat and dairy from his diet. It only took a few weeks to start seeing improvements, he no longer screamed in agony from the stomach pain and he stopped waking up in the night crying. We also noticed that he was a happier boy! I was filled with hope for my son!!I  Bought heavy metal screen tests and tested his urine at home, it was no surprise to find it was high in metal toxins.  We started chelation therapy using a detoxifying bentonite clay bath and gave gentle oral chelation supplements – FOLLOWING ALL DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY! I also started heavy supplements, probiotics to correct his digestive issues and digestive enzymes to help him break down carbohydrates and proteins. I continued to read   and educate myself as much as possible.  One book I would highly recommend any parent of a child with autism invest in is The Kid Friendly ADHD & AUTISM Cookbook. It has been a wonderful resource and guide. It also has made me realize how vital it is to have a healthy digestive system in order to have a healthy brain. I also decided to give him grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano to clear the yeast overgrowth from years of antibiotic use. I was shocked at the amounts of yeast that came out in his bowel movements and was disgusted with the periodic bouts of vomiting that smelled of rancid yeast.

My son has done remarkably better since this intervention and I believe that things will only get better for him. Logan has put on ALL the weight he lost and then some.  His complexion is healthy and his eyes sparkle with life again. Logan is still hyper but has many days with little or NO meltdowns! (this is a MAJOR miracle)

We still have a long road ahead of us, further testing and assessments, and will likely have to continue the VERY expensive diet and supplement regime for a long time. IT IS WORKING!!! I find myself angry from time to time that my son was not properly assessed and diagnosed when he was younger but it has inspired me to help other children like Logan and be an advocate for those who don’t have a strong voice. I hope to write a book about our journey through healing, our adventures in autism and everything in between. I hope that my story will provide much needed support and comfort to other mothers out there who have also been blamed, ignored and mistreated by doctors. These children are very sensitive and are here to teach us all a very important lesson about how toxic our world is and how deadly our medical “interventions” truly are. I will stand up and speak out…won’t you?

Kristie Tait

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