Spank you, spank you very much! (Continued)

Well the night of the concert I decided to dress him up nicely in a little blue suit, white shirt and tie. He looked adorable, but he kept wiggling and fidgeting around and I thought he was just excited. We arrived at Millennium Place where the concert was taking place, dropped Jonny off with his aide, Caraly and took our seat amongst the other 500 parents. When it came time for Jonny’s class to go up on stage the class marched out in single file, except for Jonny who was darting in and out of the other kids throughout the line totally oblivious to the crowd of people. All of the children walked to their appropriate spots on the bleachers, except Jonny who kept jumping off the top bleacher, ran around the front of the bleachers, climbed back up to his spot pushing the kids out of the way and did this at least twenty times during their performance. Moms and dads were laughing hysterically and carefully glancing around to see if we minded because they didn’t want us to think they were laughing “at” him.

To be continued…

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8 years ago

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love those kinds of stories!

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