Stories From the Heart: A Mother’s Prayer

God, I don’t know why my questions go unanswered. I love this child you’ve given me, but I don’t know how to cope with the pain frustration exhaustion. Reactions from well-meaning friends are sometimes hurtful. Through their eyes they see, handicapped slow disabled. If only they could see through your eyes of divine love and mercy- beautiful special beloved.

Lord, I need your grace to raise this child in your ways. I’m desperate for your touch of compassion mercy gentleness. Help me to look beyond all the medical jargon, specialists and consultants, fancy words, terms, and labels. Turn my eyes toward you, Jesus, to gaze upon your face and to feel hope, strength, and peace.

In the early hours of morn and the dark despair of night, shine your light upon my path- bright clear unwavering. Lord, you see every tear.
You bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted with healing soothing grace. God, I accept that I don’t have all the answers.

One fact remains solid concrete. You have promised in your word that you will never leave abandon forsake us. I trust in that promise and I pray for wisdom. Help me to follow you today, tomorrow, and forever.

By Cynthia A. Lovely

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