Stories From the Heart: An Amazing Teacher

It was three days before the new school year would begin. Nick was starting 2nd grade and was somewhat apprehensive about having a new teacher. Nick was diagnosed with autism at age 18 months, and transitioning has always been a difficult area for him. So to make things go more smoothly on the first day, he would usually visit the school, and the teachers a few days before school would actually start. This would be his second year at this school, so he was acquainted with the teachers; however, he wanted to see them, especially the one that would be his homeroom teacher.

Judy, a wonderful woman who has done therapy with Nick since he was three years old, decided to take Nick to the school to meet the new teacher, and say hello to the ones he already knew. Judy has become more than just a therapist to us, she is more like family. She is always thinking ahead on things that will help Nick advance, and ways to make his transitions easier.

They went to meet Mrs. Wiley, Nick’s new teacher, and find out where the new classroom would be. After visiting with Mrs. Wiley, Nick and Judy walked down the hall to see the other teachers for the new year. They met with the principal, and the art teacher, then the librarian and the P.E. coach. After that, it was off to the other end of the school to say hello to visit Mrs. Kotzur, the school’s music teacher, and also Nick’s piano teacher.

Nick and Judy entered the room, but Mrs. Kotzur was not there. Judy suggested to Nick, that he leave Mrs. Kutzor a note on the board to let her know he had come by to say hi. While Nick was doing this, Judy left a note on the desk. As they were leaving, Judy went to the black board to make sure Nick had left his note. He had most certainly had!

Nick had left a perfectly drawn “quarter note” on the black board.

Author Unknown

* Stories From the Heart is an ongoing series of user contributed heart warming stories, that shine light on the Autism experience.

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