Stories From the Heart : Children are Unique

Children are unique it doesn’t matter they are regular or disable. They need age appropriate specific content, lesson plan and delightful learning atmosphere to improve their overall developmental domains. The way of teaching Children with developmental delays and Children with special needs are more challenging than typically develop children. The exceptional children need exceptional pedagogical instructions to meet their needs, as an instance.

I teach Preschool Students with special needs, students identified with developmental delays in the domain of language-communication, fine, gross, sensory motor, social-emotional, behavioral and activities of daily living skills. Most of the students were verbal and familiar with their name, but they did not initiate to utter their names. At circle time I used to sing a song with the name of each student:


If your name is (e.g., David)

You are wearing blue

Come to the circle

Clapping, Clapping, Clap

Jumping, jumping jump

Spinning, spinning, spin

And the next couple of days I sang the song, if your name is … appropriate placement for the students for future education plan.  And stopped singing to point to a particular child. The child then uttered his name. I applied this strategy by rotation to the all students. The students were able to learn utter their name, recognizing color, taking turns and following directions to comply all gross motor activities.

Gradually the students exhibited significant improvement in expressive and receptive language, as well as cognitive, fine, gross and sensory motor skills. I emphasized rhythms instead of word and command.

Special needs youngsters require concrete support to enhance their academic and behavioral skills. Hence, the teaching method of special needs children should be on right track. The teachers and caregivers can benefit from implementing potential teaching strategy on students, individual learning strength.

On the basis of students, (IEP) goals, the teachers can apply baseline assessment test to the students to bring out the deficiency on any particular domain. Then begin treatment with appropriate method on this skill, until the students are mastered. The mastery criteria of the students will help to find.

By Dilara Begum, Special Education Teacher

* Stories From the Heart is an ongoing series of user contributed heart warming stories, that shine light on the Autism and special needs experience.

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