Stories From the Heart: I Wonder Why My Baby Brother Has Autism

My baby brother, Michael, has Autism and is three years old.  He is just now learning to say some words.  Autism is something when it is hard for a baby to learn to talk. Sometimes it is hard to understand him.  He calls me ‘Jonin’ and he calls my brother ‘Woo-woo’.

Well, he probably has it because God wants me to be a good therapist.  I am really good with him. I play with him and help my mom with him. We have a little place for him where there is a pool full of beans, blocks, a work shed, lots of puzzles, a parachute and a tunnel.   My mom lets me and my brother, Andrew, go down there with him.  We usually play Clown Town!

Sometimes I help my mom put him to bed.  I say, “Let’s go to your room” and then I get into his bed then get out so he realizes that he needs to get in to his bed.  Then, when he gets into his bed, I put on his covers, turn on his music, turn off his lamp and then say,” Goodnight Michael”, and shut the door and go downstairs quietly.

God gave Michael a gift so I can learn to be around him and know how to be around Autistic kids.  That is why Michael has Autism.

By Jonathan H. Berry, 8 years old – 3rd grade
Submitted by Sheila S. Hudson (Grandmother)

*Won 1st place at Cooper Elementary School in Loganville GA
in essay contest called “Reflections”

* Stories From the Heart is an ongoing series of user contributed heart warming stories, that shine light on the Autism experience.

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