Stories From the Heart: My Life, My Love, My Son Aaron

My son was born as any child would come into this world. I would actually say he was ahead of the game, 9 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches. He was our reason for existence, as any child should be. He grew to be adored by many. He was a good baby; he slept well, a good eater, and not very fussy.

He began to have many ear infections and the doctors didn’t really think much of it. He was on antibiotics at least once a month and I began to worry. Like any new parent you put your trust in doctors. At the age of three I began to worry that these ear infections were too severe. I went to a specialist and he recommended ear tubes, which we did, and it seemed to help.

At three in a half, Aaron was still using simple words and his vocabulary was very limited he pointed and used one word if any to get what he needed. The doctor didn’t think it was a big deal. I new better, and was worried.

I took him to get evaluated at Child Development Services. He was diagnosed speech delayed. I followed up with a Neurologist who sent a series of test. He was the diagnosed at age 4 with Pervasive Development Disorder. At that age he was placed in a classroom with students that had varying exceptionalities. The following year the school placed him in an Autistic classroom. He had been diagnosed mildly-autistic with speech delay by the school system.

He is a very loving boy, with loads of energy and smarts. He is very loved by all who come in contact with him. He has a giggle and a smile that can light up the darkest of my days. When I have had enough and I feel my prayers are not heard his hugs and smiles fill me with strength to keep fighting.

I don’t know why or how this happened to him, but it did. It continues to affect a lot of children and we don’t know why. I think we need explanations, reasons on how to better what is happening.

Today Aaron is in a General Education classroom and is only pulled out into an Autistic classroom for two subjects. Next year he will be fully included to the General Education Classroom. Every day I learn something new that I was unaware he could reach.

Sadly, my sons worse handicap in life has been me, and a lack of knowledge. I had to buy new books and learn new strategies.

I will have to say that this life isn’t what I planned.  The pain, loss and worry are always there because it is a big loss. But if I spend all my time wishing and hoping, I will miss all the beautiful things this life has in store for me and my beautiful son.

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