Stories From the Heart: My Sons Adventures

Oh, no, this cannot be happening this early! Christopher came into the world two and a half months early and weighed in at 2.7 pounds on August 22nd 1973. The doctors and nurses whisked by so fast that the waiting father and grandmother could not get an answer as to the gender of the tiny baby. Finally one doctor replied to their question, “It does not matter; it is going to die anyway.”

Well Christopher strongly disagreed, he was a fighter. Two months later he got to go home. A few weeks after he came home the visiting nurse arrived to a smoke filled house. I was young inexperienced mother and she arrived I was sterilizing the bottles, and as all the water boiled out it all melted. Thankfully as time went on I learned mothering skills.

When Christopher was around 6 years old, and other kids loved watching cartoons, his favorite TV show was the weather channel. And his favorite book was the telephone book! Christopher had learning problems in school, and other problems.

When he was 12 years old and by far the shortest child in class he started taking hormone shots just enough to help, and the shots stopped when the doctor told Christopher that the growth hormone was “doing wonderful things in his Fruit of the Looms”.

His adult height ended at 5`2″. However he was the strongest looking teenager with solid muscles from his weightlifting that he loved. He was in awe of body builders and also had no fear of anyone. He saw a rough looking burley tattooed man that towered over him and asked him, “Wow, you sure are buff, how much can you bench press?” the man answered him with a small smile on his face from the kids bravery, and possibly realizing that this was a young innocent teenager with a mental disability.

Christopher studied hard and graduated from his special education high school a year early. But then it seemed that is where his ambition stopped and his stepfather said to him, “Either you further your education or get a job, or you are out of here.” It was a tough love ultimatum.
Christopher responded with, “Then I guess I am out of here.” We assumed at first that he went for a walk.

About 3 weeks later the stepfather got a call from Arizona saying that Christopher had joined the circus and was doing a fine job, but thought he would like to know where he was. I had been worried sick over his whereabouts, and we booked a flight to go get him.

Christopher came home and told his story of hitch hiking from California and of walking allot, and climbing mountains by his fingertips to get there. This is just one story of his of how brave he is. There are so many more. As the saying goes: big things come in small packages.

Author Unknown

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