Stories From the Heart: Sasha

Sasha was born a healthy beautiful child with all the potential in the world. As a first time mother I was so anxious and happy at the opportunity to love and raise this perfect human being. He laughed, played, and met milestones as any other neuro-typical child. He would consistently say “Mama or Dada”.

Sadly, soon after he turned 9 months old he started to drift away from us. His eyes were so empty and blank as if there was nothing there. As the months went by we thought that he had become deaf or had some form of mental retardation that was hidden under his beautiful skin. I remember waking up each morning asking “God, where is my child today? What is happening with my son? Please guide me in the direction to help him, as I am just as lost as he is.”

Every day was a new day into regression. He would hit his head on the floor as if he had no feeling or concept of hurt. I was at a loss for answers. Family members did not understand why I was feeling as if something were wrong as he was the most beautiful child in the world to them and children with a disability have visual side effects. Not my son; his hair is as straight and shiny as hair could possibly be. His eyes were dark brown with eyelashes so long he would tickle your face if you were able to hold him. His skin so soft and tan, he is a perfectly build child with no visual flaws. We often talked about him being a child model one day.

As time went by he got to where he would have no physical contact with anyone. For a mother to have her baby refuse to be held, hugged, cuddled, loved, kissed goodnight is was unbearable. My heart and soul was in agony and confused. Why is this happening? What is wrong with my child? What is the answer? I then made up my mind that we were going to find out how my son was stolen from me and I was determined to get him back.

At age 2, after many doctors appointments, specialist, and tests, Sasha was diagnosed with Autism. I was very relieved to finally have an answer but scared because our only suggestion was to continue with the therapies that were not helping him.

Over the next few months I learned about an alternative treatment using diet, supplements, and heavy metal chelation that has been known to help children with Autism. My family thought that I needed to be in a loonie house but I was determined to try this as a last resort. I promised Sasha that I would bring him back to me somehow no matter what it took.

As I tried to find a doctor to help me with the biomedical approach I was laughed at and had doors shut in my face. Why would no one help me with this? I discovered a local pharmacy that has helped parents and doctors treat their children biomedically for many years and headed straight there.

For the next 6 months my son made progress and started smiling again. No more stimming, banging his head, lining up items, OCD actions; they were all gone. I found a doctor in a close state that was willing to help me in the final stages of the biomedical treatment. This was the answer to my prayers that I had been waiting for so long. 6 months more into the treatment and Sasha is well on his way to recovering from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We learned that he was severely heavy metal toxic and began chelation using a transdermal form. On day 3 of chelation he started potty training himself. Before then he had never shown signs that he knew he was capable. He language still consists of babbling, no actual words but he puts noises together to make his own words. He uses sign language properly and also uses picture properly to communicate.

Sasha came and sat in my lap the other night. He looked into my eyes, smiled and kissed me as if he had been waiting to do that for years. He hugged me so tight and didn’t let go. As I wept he looked into my eyes again and smiled as if he knew I had kept my promise. My son was coming back to me. He now has a chance at a normal life and we can move on from this day forward. Before I laid him down to sleep he signed “Mommy, I love you!”. I signed back “I love you too Son.”

Author Unknown

* Stories From the Heart is an ongoing series of user contributed heart warming stories, that shine light on the Autism experience.

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