Stories From the Heart: The Race

The morning dew, clung to the grass, as the sun began to rise, a little girl stretched with a yawn, and rubbed her weary eyes. A day just like all others yet she managed still to smile. She peered out through her window, and dreamed a little while. This girl, like you was special, unique in her own way, her legs just didn’t have the strength, to run and jump and play.

She prayed each night that they would heal, so she too could share the fun. She wanted to giggle and laugh with all her friends beneath the warm sun. She longed to feel the soft cool grass, the sand between her toes, to walk among the falling leaves, and the cold and crisp snow.

She’d watch the others in their favorite game, in stance to start a race, all crouched down in a single line, such excitement on their face. She’d eagerly shout “Ready. Set. Go”, and they’d take off with a flash. “Oh”, she thought, “how glad I’d be, even if I came in last.”

And then one new and precious dawn, unlike the ones before, she peered out through her window, and rubbed her eyes some more. She thought she MUST be fast asleep, for never had she seen, anything quite as beautiful, not even in her dreams.

There stood a chestnut horse with a golden mane, with legs so large and strong. “Surprise!” she heard her parents shout. “He’s yours. He is not perfect, he’s blind and cannot see. He’ll trust in you to guide him, and together you’ll run free.”

They asked the girl to come and meet him, and they lifted her atop, this horse with a golden mane, and never again would another day, feel quite the same again. The answer to her prayers, for with her sight and his strong legs they’d be a perfect pair each day She practiced hard and learned to ride, this big and noble steed, and knew that she could do all things, if only she believed.

She brushed his coat until it shined, and whispered in his ear, “I never believed in miracles, before they brought you here.”
And then one day along came her friends. She joined them in their game. Her hands held tightly on to the reigns. Ready. Set. Go.

She gave her friends a running start, a fair and distant lead, then like a flash, she bounded forth, with her blind trusting steed. The wind rushed against her hair and she grinned from ear to ear, just then she looked ahead to see, the finish line drawing near.  She felt the spirit in this horse, run hard with all his might, for he now gave her legs to run, and she gave him his sight.

The two longing hearts now soared. The girl prayed for two strong legs, and God gave her four. Together we can do all things, if we only just believe, just as this girl who won the race, with her blind but noble steed.

By Lisa J Schlitt

* Stories From the Heart is an ongoing series of user contributed heart warming stories, that shine light on the Autism experience.

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