“Brush your teeth.”

“Flush the toilet!”

Your reminders are constant and never seem to end…

“Close the refrigerator door!”

…these are the simple requests that pose limited problems if not obeyed.

Now, imagine someone ripping up your cloths because they “feel like it.”

What about a family member greeting guests at your home…completely naked?!?

Well, my autistic son Jonathan had a habit of stripping (yes, taking off his clothes…all of them) upon coming home from school. He would do so the minute he came home. His brother Alex had to be reminded to dress, zip up his pants, etc…

Many times Jonathan would strip and hop in the bathtub, on other occasions he’d run to the tent.

Although it was wonderful we finally got Jonathan to shower he, and his brother Alex, would forget to use deodorant afterwards.
Obviously, this was very inappropriate, especially when neighbors pop by for a visit unannounced.

On one occasion, we had a behavioral consultant over trying to figure out why Jonathan didn’t want to sleep in his room. We imagined different reasons over 30 minutes. It finally dawned on us to ask him.

“Well”, he replied, “when the bed squeaks, maybe the springs need to be oiled”.

That was it! The squeaking spring noise was keeping him awake. We changed his bed and wrote a social story using the Archie theme so he’d pay attention to it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What have you done to maintain a sense of order in your household with the developmentally disabled?

Please share your story with me now, leave your comment below.

Hearing from you helps our cause.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of AutismToday.com

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