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Dear Karen,

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us, it sounds almost exactly how we found out about my brother. Except for, it took at least 4/5 doctors to figure out what’s wrong with him. After he suddenly stopped talking my parents thought that he had developed a hearing problem, that maybe there’s something wrong with his tongue. Autism is still very new to our place and only those who have autistic children or siblings know what it’s really called.

My parents have always kept contact with different families.

My brother would be so much happier if people here could understand, but unfortunately as he is growing up, people seem to run away from him more and more. What hurts me the most is how lonely he is. My mom recently resigned, with me at school or out and Dad working he only gets a handful of time with us.

I don’t have any other brother or sister so I really don’t know how it’s like to have a normal brother, but I’m happy with mine. Although, I’d also like to know how to be normal myself, society here is very ignorant, it forced us to be almost ‘house arrested’. We can’t have a family time out anymore because my brother has violent tantrum whenever he goes out, there’s no one here who could tell us what to do. Someone always has to be with him, in case he keeps the water tap on. He’s terrified easily.

My parents have been working very hard to find out how to teach him to be self sufficient, we are progressing, yes; but not enough to lead a proper life together. Somehow my brother scares most of our relatives and friends so it’s really lonely at our home most of the time.

Prithul(my brother, the name means – ‘great’) is very fond of my boyfriend. He’s a person I’ve seen in a long time who really does play around with Prithul.

Sometimes I think, my brother is like a belt to us. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be slightest responsible seeing how reckless I already am.

But there’s someone else in my family who’s also sick. My mother suffers Paranoid Schizophrenia.  She takes her medication but sometimes she stops it. Home turns into a real hell when mom becomes violent, Prithul starts to have tantrums because of the unstable environment. My dad is 54 and has diabetes, eye problem which can’t be treated, high blood pressure and  the company he works on is breaking down, nobody will give him any job because he lost his eyes and age. Can you imagine what he goes through when these happens. My uncle helps us a lot.

I know it’s suppose to be about autism, I love my brother, but because of the harsh mentality of other people our lives have been altered.

But I’m glad it all happened. If it didn’t then I wouldn’t be where I’m now, harshness forced me to understand thing’s that might have taken a few more years to work out.

Prithul’s sleeping pattern keeps changing. He can potty in the commode now but can’t wash yet. We are working on that.

Say hello to your son from me and my brother. Have a nice day….

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