I don’t know if you remember my first book, Little Rainman, which I wrote through Jonny’s eyes. I actually wrote it for his teachers since each year they asked me the same questions over and over about him.  I never imagined it would be picked up by a publisher within six months. I am proud to say Little Rainman has helped countless people explain autism to their significant others like relatives, peers, teachers and others.

I was so honoured that Dr. Temple Grandin uses the illustrations which were done by my mom and a person also on the spectrum, in her presentations. This is not to toot my own horn, rather to say that each of you has a story inside and a way to help the people on your heels get through this maze especially since the rate of increase with autism is rapidly increasing with each passing year. Who knows, in ten years or so, Dr. Stephen Shore and I say that there may not be any “neurotypical’s” left! Lets help explain autism to everyone!

A response from Sandra, one of my readers wrote back:

Yes your are so right on!  I am SO proud of you Karen and all you have accomplished and continue to.

We need also remember that ALL the glory and honor go back to our Father that is truly the one that makes this all happen!  He loves you very much!