I am honored that you reach out to me regarding my writings which is a chronicle of my experiences both happy and sad and from the perspective of a father who is committed to his family and wish to do his very best. I am so affected by my son’s epilepsy and autism and I am trying to do all I can to help support and encourage my son to be the very best he can.

I am trying to write in a diary format for my wife and son and express my feelings as it is a way of getting through the difficult times. I need to express it rather than keep it bottled up inside. I welcome the opportunity of sharing my writings. I am sure you know of my blog. I also have a page on facebook called Autism Insight where my writings post to.

You certainly are welcome to view my facebook page Autism Insight.

I wish to continue writing for the rest of my life for my love for my wife and son is eternal and I am inspired.

Thank you for your support and guidance.
Edward D. Iannielli III