Top 10 Apps and Software for Autism

Why is the iPad so important for working with autism in children? Steve Jobs probably never had this in mind while he was developing it, but the truth is this little gadget has revolutionized the world for nonverbal kids with autism.

Communication devices that before were cumbersome to use and cost several thousand dollars a pop have now been reduced to a unit as small as the iPad, and apps that cost between a dollar and in some cases a couple hundred dollars, depending on the complexity and program. That’s a huge advantage over the previous technology.

These apps and software became widely known throughout the world not only because of their features but also their abilities to manage autism behavior. Take a look at the best apps and softwares for autism.

Computer Programs and Apps for Children with Autism


Autism TodayAdvances in technology have provided educators with an abundance of new tools to use in instruction. This is no exception for teachers educating those on the autism spectrum.From SMART Boards to iPads to the common computer, there are a number of software programs, websites and applications that support the needs of learners with autism.

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Free Autism Apps


autism-todayThe EmergingEDTech blog recommends a FREE app at iTunes today. Apps for Autism is a tool that provides an easy way to search and find apps that may be of benefit to individuals with autism or other special needs. App listings include screenshots for iPhone/iPad, reviews, and an email-to-a-friend funcition. The blog says, “This is a really top notch resource and we highly recommend it.”

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Awesome Apps for Autism


autism todayMost of us know what an app is. For those who don’t: “app” is short for application software, which helps a device user perform specific tasks. Most smartphones, handheld devices, and computers have apps that allow us to play games, catch up on the news, and connect us to social media.

Recently Hewlett-Packard (HP) hosted a “hackathon” for autism at their campus in Cupertino, California. What is a hackathon? I asked myself the same question.

At the hackathon about 100 HP tech members and autism advocates came together to work towards developing touch screen apps for children with autism.  Working with children who have autism, the team members began to develop apps that would help overcome the challenges individuals on the spectrum face daily

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Autism 5 – Point Scale EP App


Autism TodayAutism 5 -Point Scale EP is a free app for iPhone and iPad developed by the Autism Society of Minnesota. Ms. Van Dixhorn, EBD teacher at the Sheboygan Falls Middle   this app with me as an app to help with the programming of a student we mutually will work with. Not only free, but simple and easy to use for elementary  and older students who would benefit from a simple method of identifying emotions and feedback about how they feel and potentially what strategies they could use.

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Monster List of Apps for People with Autism


autism todayThe touch screen interface and intuitive nature of the iPad has been a productive and inclusive way to provide educational experiences for people with Autism. Many schools and organisations use specific iPad apps as effective tools in the educational process but what if you had access to a whole suite of tools. This is exactly what these guys have done at iPad Apps & Resources for Autism. Compiled by a parent, an adult with Autism and an SLP; Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Corina Becker and SLP Jordan Sadler,  have collated a monster list of great apps for teaching people with Autism

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Autism Apps for Iphones


Autism TodayWe are excited to announce that our site now has access to sell apps for iPhone’s, iPad’s, Droid’s, Windows Devices, HTML, and even software for Mac and PC.  Click on the Autism Apps in the menu bar or click on the picture above.

“How do you sell iPhone apps when you are not the all mighty app store?”

Good question.

We have contracted with a company called the App Store that is affiliated Apple, Droid, Microsoft, etc… So when you purchase an iPhone app, it will take you to Apple’s App Store. For Droid, it will take you to the Market Place…and so on.

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Social Express: Top Autism App


Autism TodayA big thank you to the community of kids with autism and the AutismSpeaks, Autism Awareness Campaign! The Social Express learning app for kids with autism was number 1 yesterday at the iTunes app store.

We loved being a part of the Light It Up Blue program. Helping Your Kids with Social Awarenes. We realized early that our twins with autism needed help learning social awareness. From the first time a therapist used her laptop in a session, we saw our sons’ interest in using technology to learn.

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Top 7 Visual Schedule and Social Story Apps For Autistic Children


Autism TodayThis is another one of Autism Plugged In’s list posts!  We’ll give you a quick overview of each app, and either link to iTunes or to one of our own posts so you can get more in depth with the application.  These are the Top 7 Visual Schedule and Social Story Apps for autistic children that we have been able to find online.  Some are for the iPhone, some are for the iPad, and all of them are great for kids on the spectrum!

The Time Timer app is one that we have already done an extensive review on here at Autism Plugged In, so if you’re interested in learning more after this quick overview, click on the the link!

The Time Timer application helps kids who are on the spectrum to visualize time.  They may know that they have 5 minutes until the next activity, but many people would agree that they don’t quite grasp how long a quantity of time is – they can’t easily wrap their mind around this abstract concept.  This app makes it simple to see how much time is left in an activity by representing the time with a color, and the color decreases steadily as time goes on.  This app is $1.99.

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Free Autism Apps for iPod and iPhone


Autism TodayThis month is Autism awareness month. is giving away all of their updated apps for free. You can view the apps on your computer here or on your mobile device search the appstore for

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