Who is Dr. William Shaw and What is his View on Immunization?

Dr. William Shaw’s will be sharing his perspective on the metabolic causes of autism and developmental disorders at the ‘Hope, Healing & Possibilities’ conference in Edmonton this March 26th to 28th, 2010.

Genetic variations of the immune system, inborn errors of metabolism, or adverse reactions to immunizations lead to recurrent infections that are commonly treated with antibiotics. A yeast overgrowth of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract occurs following the elimination of the GI normal flora with antibiotic treatments. Yeast produce abnormal compounds called gliotoxins and other immunotoxins harmful to the immune system.

Because the immune system is weakened, the child gets another infection and more antibiotics until a vicious cycle is established. The yeast produces a number of harmful effects on the child’s metabolic and neurological functioning, including impairing gastrointestinal functioning, production of excess oxalates, inhibiting energy production, and eliciting food allergies that may manifest as behavior disorders.   Dr William Shaw will include why high oxalate foods may contribute to negative effects including formation of crystals in tissues.

Learn about the most common metabolic causes of autism and developmental disorders: intestinal dysbiosis, cholesterol deficiency, food allergies, industrial pollution, heavy metals intoxication, mineral imbalances and high levels of oxalates. There will be a discussion on how IgG food allergies affect behavior and how to detect the most common allergens. Find out how the mechanism of opiate peptides affect the brain, their connection with allergies, and the importance of a gluten and casein-free diet.

During the presentation there will be a focus on the damaging effects of heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and others, the mechanism of their effect on human development and ways to detect and treat high levels of these metals.  Learn about the correlation between low cholesterol and brain function. Dr. Shaw will introduce the concept of cholesterol supplementation for certain patients, and review many other effective ways of correcting or reducing abnormalities with biomedical interventions.

Read more about what Dr. William Shaw has to say on immunizations.

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