What Led to the Birth of Chicken Soup

“Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs” is all about the relationships parents and caregivers have with special needs children. I first approached Mark Victor Hansen in 2001 to create this book, because by now, I had heard so many heartwarming, loving, emotional and “chicken-soup able” stories from many mothers and felt it would help raise awareness for everyone. Back then I created my own type of Chicken Soup book “The Autism Experience, Stories of Hope and Love”, which was a great success.

Before I had special needs children I didn’t have a clue what the special needs world was all about, now I see it everywhere. It’s kind of like having a brown car.  If you have a brown car you start seeing other brown cars, but probably not until you have your own.  At the time I suggested the book to Mark, I was met with reluctance by Marks publishing group but finally I convinced Mark Victor Hansen and their head office to publish this much needed book.  During the submission process we collected well over 5,000 stories, a first for Chicken Soup, and stories continue to roll in.  That speaks volumes about this book!  I know it will raise awareness, while helping others understand from the inside out what it might be like to live in the special needs world.

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    My friend Chynna Laird had her daughter’s story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Special Needs! We are working on a new blog series. If you are interested in participating, email me and we can chat about it. 🙂


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      Very cool! I will have to look up the story (there are so many). Which one was hers? A blog series about this sounds interesting. I had a lot of fun picking and choosing from the thousands of stories that came in!

      ~Karen Simmons

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