The Birth of the Official Autism 101 Manual

Navigating through the hospital, education and community relationships was difficult to say the least.  I learned to always ask questions.  Access to school systems and understanding the process, as a mother of a child with autism and five other children was challenging.  I found it very difficult to understand autism, let alone discover all the options available to parents to help them along the path.  I would try new and innovative tools, though the doctors warned me that the studies weren’t complete yet and I was taking a my chances.  I figured that Jonny would be grown by the time the studies were finished, so I tried them anyway.

One such intervention was the DAVID machine, which is piece of equipment that has light and tones and changes your brainwaves.  During the 6 week period we monitored his use, his eye contact improved, he became more social, less echolaliac and his communication improved.  I then began to think of a way other parents and professionals could access similar information, offering a wide variety of choices so they could make more informed decisions about the treatment for their children.  I didn’t leave any rock unturned.  This led to the development of “The Official Autism 101 Manual” with 44 top experts, caregivers and parents which won the Independent Publishers Book Gold Medal in New York this month!

The Ultimate Resource – The Official Autism 101 Manual

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