Will you be my Valentine – in Vancouver?

Usually, in Karen’s Corner, I try to blog about something personal, some funny anecdote or experience that offers an insight about autism.  But I’m so excited about the line-up at Autism Vancouver I can’t help but talk about the conference.

We are so lucky to welcome Hollywood leading lady Kelly LeBrock, star of such romantic comedies as Woman in Red and Weird Science, as our Honorary Host.  (We are highlighting her in this week’s Speaker Profile, below.)  Kelly is a dedicated advocate who believes deeply in whole-health strategies for treating autism and related disorders.  Her brother Harold struggled with Asperger’s before his death.

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Why not consider joining us for The Women in Red festivities at Autism Vancouver 2011?  Borrowing from the title of Kelly’s movie, our Women in Red activities will honor autism moms everywhere, their giant hearts, their limitless energy, and their passion for helping their children grow and achieve their full potential.  Red is the color of love.  Vancouver is a place to celebrate with other autism moms and families.  Dads are welcome too!

In addition to Kelly LeBrock, we have been fortunate to enlist other artists active in the autism community to participate in Autism Vancouver and support related social activities.  These include Keri Bowers, founder of Normal Films, www.normalfilms.com, and director and producer of such independent films as Normal People Scare Me, with her son, Taylor Cross and many others, and The Sandwich Kid, and Elaine Hall, a.k.a., Coach E, the Hollywood child acting coach who founded The Miracle Project, www.themiracleproject.com, subject of the Emmy Award-winning movie Autism: The Movie.

So… Will you be my Valentine?  I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.


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