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We are upgrading & updating!

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You’re probably wondering, what exactly is autism? Awareness of autism has certainly increased one hundred fold since the day I discovered my son was on the autism spectrum. Without all the confusion associated with the many different autism definitions, in my own words, experience and opinion,

autism is a communication and sensory disorder that effects behavior and social skills of the individuals diagnosed.”

This explanation, after working in the field for twenty six years, having hosted 67 conferences and written many books on the subject, while also having two special needs children on the spectrum, seems to make the most sense.

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The Official Autism 101 Manual Autism Today Presents

The 2017 Edition Updated With: Authors Content Solutions

The new, revised and critically acclaimed Autism 101 Manual is ready for pre-order!

We have taken the best of what made the Official 101 Manual so good and made it better.

  • New Science
  • Updated Therapy Approaches
  • Expanded Content
  • New Chapters for Autism Tomorrow
  • Revised Information on the Latest Therapies
  • New Experts
  • ...and much more.


Reserve your copy today for 10% less than the publisher's price!

A trusted service with limitless potential Autism Today Presents

Integrated Software Solutions for Autism Intervention Management Service Providers and Classrooms

This software uses today’s simple and easy-to-use mobile devices such as iPads to quickly capture quantitative, evidence-based program and behavioral data, eliminating the need for paper and pen.

This on-the-go capture of information is coupled with a robust web application designed for administrative tasks like scheduling, budgeting, and program planning. Co-developed with leading service providers,

  • Easily view progress and summary information at a glance using Timeline on the iPad
  • Capture a variety of observational data in less time on an easy-to-use app
  • Secure online access to the system anytime and anywhere
  • Standardized care through knowledge-based templates
  • A platform to enable meaningful family involvement
  • Simplified auditing by reducing lost or misplaced paperwork
  • Access data visualizations and client progress and management in real time

Libraries, Inspiration and Information Articles, Archives and Stories from the Heart

Article database

Article database

Informational Articles to Share

Autism Today has collected a library of articles on a broad and vast array of topics.

Everything from mealtime preparation to getting ready for the first day of school and choosing the right professionals... we have something for everyone.

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Our Past and Upcoming Events

Autism Today presents conference all over the United States and Canada. We have brought the best experts together with families and professionals that need real answers.


Click below for a list of our past speakers and even locations, and stay updated on news of upcoming conferences and conventions.

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Stories from the Heart: Inspiration Everyday

Inspiration comes from many sources and we at Autism Today have discovered that sharing stories from the heart is one of the best ways to share that inspiration.

Families touched by autism struggle with issues and trials that are unique to them, but they also find hope and joy in these same moments.

Join us for some stories from the heart. Read, laugh and remember ... it's one day at a time !


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Wecome Letter continued

Count on Autism Today ... for information ... for books ... for DVDs and Streaming Content ... for stories you can relate to ... for everything autism!


Since the new millennium, many organizations have become involved to try and make sense of it all. Some include the Autism Society, Autism Speaks, Autism Now and so on. We even have an autism awareness month in the US and in Canada. In the US it’s in April and Canada it’s in October. We also have visibility efforts available, such as inclusion in our newsletters and on our website to support such organizations

You’ve all heard the saying “many hands make light work” and that is how the different groups address the issue of autism. AutismToday has always been and continues to be a platform to display global autism information, and autism resources in an unbiased manner. From hosting conferences, to writing books, we are proud to have connected many people in the autism world. It has been a true autism test to learn, grow and expand in this field.

What we are working on right now is updating our material so it is more current. By providing these resources to parents, educators, professionals and of course people on the autism spectrum, we’re shifting the world one diagnosis at a time. The faces are new and the information is updated in the DSM-5 manual which outlines the criteria for disorders. It has and continues to change with the goal forever shifting towards the future.

With new methods of diagnosis and treatment, it’s always a goal to stay ahead of the curve which is why we are proud to bring new resources, such as representing organizations that are creating sophisticated, yet user friendly, behavioral tracking tools and autism software designed for organizations working with children on the spectrum.

We continue to provide our best-selling autism tools such as the Autism Educaiton Online series of DVDs and our autism ”mini quiz” that have helped millions worldwide to discover autism early so children have a chance with early intervention methods. New autism sensory tools like the interactive robot cat and dog autism toys are used to help create bonds with some autistic children. Everyone knows about the fidget spinner and we will soon be providing those with each new book order to help fill the children’s sensory needs.

We’re super excited about our gold medal book “The Official Autism 101 Manual” which won the independent publishers gold medal award in the medicine category. It has been recently revised and updated along with Autism Tomorrow which is now called Autism for Tomorrow. These two titles will be available in the fall of 2017.

We are certainly glad and proud to be serving the autism community worldwide in so many beneficial and unique ways and especially thankful that you have come along with us on this journey. You will learn so much along the way and will teach us a great deal as well.

Thank you for being part of the Autism Today Community

With joy, love and peace,

Karen Simmons

Founder, CEO AUTISM TODAY since 1998

Co-author, “Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs”