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Clinical director of Diverse Minds Psychology
PhD Candidate, Astronomy — Vanderbilt University Neurodiversity Inspired Science and Engineering Fellow Program Coordinator — Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Host of AstronomerAND


The Morris Center
President at The Morris Center clinics, CEO NOW! Company; Dyslexic & Brain Scientist published in Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, Neurorehabilitation and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Diagnosis & Treatment

Kinsley Rausch-Dudzic

Associate Director of Advancement Franklin Academy.
Kinsley is a thoughtful, creative educator with a proven track record helping young women find their voices and contribute to their school, their community, and the world. She has extensive experience developing new programs and residential curricula.


Bio: With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, Rita Hernandez stands as an epitome of innovation and excellence in the international, general, and Hispanic media markets. Her unwavering commitment and exceptional work ethic have established her as a distinguished and proactive executive, universally respected by peers and competitors alike.


Patty Beach is the founder of LeadershipSmarts a leadership development consulting practice in Boulder Colorado. Patty’s core belief is that every voice matters and together we really can achieve anything. Patty’s bestselling business book The Art of Alignment A Practical Guide for Inclusive Leadership includes many memorable success formulas that leaders can apply to turn that core belief into reality. When leaders implement the simple principles and practices they create a workplace that honors our neurodiversity so all can thrive.


Jonathan Alderson is the Founder and Director of the Integrative Multi-Treatment Intervention program for autism acceptance and development. Alderson offers a highly customized solution and specializes in blending play therapy, structured learning, ABA, sensory, and biomedical treatments into an integrated model, paying attention to order and timing. “The issues underlying the challenges of autistic children are multifaceted – so the treatment must also be multifaceted." He serves as the Chair of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Seneca College Behavioural Science Program and is the author of Challenging the Myths of Autism honored with 7 awards including the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, an American Non-Fiction Authors’ Association Silver award, and the 2012 International Book Award for Best Parent-Resource.


Bio: Caroline Gaddy is an Autistic SLP and AAC Consultant based in Virginia. She is on the TD team with Tobii Dynavox.


Bio: Neurodiverse Communication Specialist bridging the tech business gap. Learn about adult autism from an autistic person.
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