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About Stephen Sicoli

About Stephen Sicoli

Licenced Associate, World Financial Group.
Marketing Coordinator, KEEN Education Foundation.

Being a sibling of two brothers with disabilities, Stephen has found himself in many situations that require tact and understanding. Throughout the years Stephen has been faced with many opportunities to help people within this community through his work with the K.E.E.N. Education Foundation, Autism Today and his own ventures in business.

He started his restaurant TapaVino in 2015 as a way to connect with the community and serve the general population fantastic food and drinks. After 5 years of operation he was looking for something where he could make more of an impact and follow his true passions of helping people, especially those who have difficulty helping themselves. Stephen saw a growing need for financial literacy in this community through his own experiences helping those around him with disabilities as well as those without. It was at this time that Stephen started the process of changing careers, to one in the Financial sector.

Currently he spends most of his day helping the community through his actions at the K.E.E.N. Education Foundation, while helping families secure their financial future, prepare for retirement and plan for the inevitable. Stephen has a passion for serving people and making sure to create a fun, engaging and rewarding experience for all his clients.

Stephen’s specialty is creating easy to follow financial plans that families can customize to fit their needs. He also helps Canadians create disability savings plans that utilize government grants to create retirement savings for people with disabilities. Utilizing all the tools he has at his disposal, he will create a plan that will help your loved ones navigate the confusing maze of financial services.


Autism In Lockdown

“It’s NEVER too late to start! It is always good to have financial goals and a road map on how to get there. The hardest step to getting control of your finances is the first one.”

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