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Corporate Membership Program

Who we are.

Autism Today Foundation is a 501c3 based in Boulder, Colorado, USA through an unbiased network consisting of a channel, arts network and a learning and education division.

Our mission.

Our mission is to “move the needle of understanding and support for those with autism and neurodiversity fastest way possible, globally.  We do this by focusing on the gifts, strengths and talents of everyone.” 

Our message.

We firmly believe that all individuals with autism and neurodiversity, deserve to live a life full of love, happiness, acceptance and empathy and appreciate the greatness that exists in all human beings.

Considering our vision, we encourage you to join in creating a world full of possibilities  and success for those individuals with autism and neurodiversity.

Annual Corporate Membership




Great for any large scale group who wants to employ those on the autism and neurodiverse spectrum

Business leaders and organizations everywhere are very important in their quest to improve the world by offering socially responsive products and services globally. They must also display a positive corporate image.   As part of their mission it is important to showcase a positive, inclusively minded brand.

For this reason, its important to offer employment opportunities for those on the autism or neurodiverse spectrum and that are looking to be associated with a cause.

Corporate Membership Program

Through our CORPORATION MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM, you can obtain our corporate membership which entitles you complete access to our historical, current and future content for an entire year. 

Job Portal Corporate Listing Section

As a special introductory offer, It also gives you a lifetime membership to our JOB PORTAL CORPORATE LISTING SECTION.

You can list the areas you wish to present yourself as a CORPORATE EMPLOYER.  This way, any and all potential employees can find out what you are seeking and also tell you their skillset.

With all the strengths, gifts and talents that people in the neurodiversity and autism space, it is easy to help others, display an image of corporate responsiveness and help yourself at the same time.

Signing Up as a corporate member, you get the following:

Exclusive access to the Exclusive Autism Today Library, which consists of all our historical videos, recordings and content since 1998.

Invitation to watch our first World Autism Summit as much as you want at your leisure which is filled with 81 presenters, experts and professionals in the autism and neurodiversity world including Temple Grandin, Stephen Shore, Dani Bowman, Elaine Hall and many other experts on the subjects of neurodiversity. 

It includes information about early intervention, biographies, communication strategies, social skills techniques, behavioral intervention types, going to college, getting a job, living independently and the later years.

Invitation to the annual World Autism Summit to be held in October 2024, which is a platform that brings together medical practitioners, researchers, parents, advocates and other corporations to discuss best practices and methods to support and empower those with autism and neurodiversity.

Access to all forthcoming content that we create such as newsletters, videos and tools and many other exceptional resources.

Inclusion in our JOB PORTAL employment hub positioned to attract people in the autism and neurodiverse community, that are seeking employment opportunities with their particular scope of interest in mind. 


We understand how important Corporate responsibility is for you and your organization. With your support together we can have a meaningful impact on the lives of those on the spectrum but all those who surround them.

By collaborating in the cause of enhancing your company’s brand reputation and goodwill and at the same time, helping many others your employees can feel immense pride and satisfaction with our relationship.  This way together we can impact many others in a positive way.


Signing Up here put in form to receive your membership for only $995.00 annually.

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